About Nando

Nando Caporicci is a self-proprietor, business owner, entrepreneur, and founder of Olitris Technologies. He currently resides in Les Cedres, Quebec, and specializes in blockchain technology as well as Bitcoin mining hardware.

About Nando Caporicci

nando caporicci standingBefore pursuing his professional career, Nando spent his undergraduate years at Concordia University in Monreal, Quebec. He studied political science and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 1994. Upon the completion of his undergraduate degree, he went on and pursued his Master’s degree in Business Administration with a marketing focus at the City University of Seattle Washington.

In 2018, Nando Caporicci founded Olitris Technologies. Though still early in development, Olitris is named after his two children, Olivia and Tirstan. As a father with children living with autism, Nando understands the challenges and difficulties that children with autism face when it comes to academia.

As such, he wishes to help those who struggle during the pursuit of their education. With the scholarship program, Nando Caporicci wishes to offer scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education across all of North America.

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